Skills And Experience

  1. 1. Vitreoretinal surgery & medical retina (special interest)
    Performing almost all types of vitreoretinal surgery (23-25G) for the past 19 years (700/year): Retinal detachment surgery, severe proliferative diabetic vitrectomies (bimanual), combined surgery in eyes with trauma and uveitis, macular surgeries (edema, hole and pucker).
    Performing intravitreal injections and laser applications in the field of medical retina 3 days/week.
    2. Pediatric VR surgery: ROP, Coats’ disease, FEVR, PFV, Pediatric Retinal Detachments
    3. Premature Retinopathy: Laser and vitreoretinal surgery
    4. Nanophthalmos related RD
    5. Optic pit maculopathy
    6. Myopic Macula Hole surgery, macular buckle
    7. Hereditary retinal diseases: RP, Stargardt, Best disease…
    8. Uveitis and Behçet’s Disease
    9. Optic nerve diseases
    10. Cataract surgery
    -Pediatric cataract surgery
    11. Endophthalmitis: Surgical and medical treatment*Past interest in corneal surgery including lamellar keratoplasty
    *Glaucoma (early diagnosis)
    -Past interest in glaucoma suspects (NFA-GDx, OCT studies)

    Current Research Activities

    -Diabetic macular edema classification

  2. FFA/OCT in pediatric retinal diseases
  3. OCTA and Anti-VEGF responses in Wet ARMD
  4. Advanced vitreoretinal surgical techniques for pediatric retinal diseases